Energy Duchess - PSV
CLASS: DNV *1A1, Offshore Service Vessel, Supply, SF, E0, DYNPOS-AUTR, NAUT-OSV(A), CLEAN DESIGN, COMF-V(3), LFL*, Fire Fighter I, OILREC, BIS, ERN 99 99 82 63 (preliminary)
BUILT: ROC (yard)
IMO: 9740744
Energy Duchess
Golden Energy Offshores PX 121H series are state of the art new vessels with high capacities and good station keeping capabilities. The hull form, with the ULSTEIN X-BOW®, and the diesel electric propulsion system, ensures exceptional performances with regards to fuel consumption, sea keeping, station keeping, speed, stability and cargo capacity. Low fuel consumption with low emissions and a ballast treatment plant makes the vessels environmental friendly. The cargo systems ensure safe and efficient loading and discharging of the Vessel. The propulsion system comprises two azimuth type propellers, each driven by an electrical motor. Two tunnel thrusters are installed in the fore part of the Vessel. The vessels have very large deck capacities for this class of vessels and are prepared with foundation for crane and can perform as a construction vessel. It has also been prepared for installation of ROV for survey and underwater inspections. The compliance with IMO Resolution MSC.266(84) Code of safety for special purpose ships will allow the vessel to have more charterers personnel onboard if required. The vessel has the notation FiFi1 and can perform firefighting operations. Oil rec notation ensures the vessel will be able to assist in case of oil spill at sea. Compliance with MEPC 197(62) Inventory of Hazardous Materials ensures the vessel is built environmental friendly.