04.04.2018: Extension of contract - Energy Swan
Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (GEOS) is pleased to inform that
a contract extension has been secured with Wintershall Norge AS. The
contract is in direct continuation of the charter contract from

The large PSV Energy Swan was in 2013 chartered for a firm period of
4 years + optional (total of 4 years options). Wintershall Norge AS
and GEOS agreed in October 2017 a 6 months charter extension on market level and
Wintershall Norge AS have agreed a further extension of 4 months in direct
continuation which will bring the Vessel on firm contract until 1.October 2018
on market level and Wintershall Norge AS is entitled to its remaining options
under the 2013 contract.

The Energy Swan contract is now firm until 1st October 2018 with 3,1
years of options in Charterers favor remaining.

Per Ivar Fagervoll
Golden Energy Offshore
+47 97 42 88 84